Central Washington University (CWU)

The I.V.A.N Foundation has made a pledge to CWU to provide five (5) $1,000.00 scholarships over five (5) years to support students learning about primate behavior and ecology.

Most internships and field work is unpaid. Students must cover those expenses themselves. "These funds will support hands-on learning experiences for students interested in captive primate care."

We've made this commitment as "experiential learning opportunities are integral for students to situate their primate behavior knowledge and learn more about the specifics of caring for primates in the captive setting."

The CWU IVAN Foundation scholarship

The first $1000 has been sent to CWU and they are currently in the process of choosing an inaugural recipient. (The I.V.A.N. Foundation will provide updated information once the inaugural recipient has been chosen.)

To help us continue to fund this scholarship beyond the next 5 years and to create others - We appreciate your donations.

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