Be Ivan

Inspire people who have a Vision to Advocate for all endangered species and to Nurture the ideas to bring about lasting change for the conservation of their natural habitats

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Ivan the Gorilla Loving memory

Ivan touched the lives of many in the Tacoma, WA area. We continue to learn how many and in what ways even years after his passing. Part of Ivan’s legacy is inspiring real change in the minds of future generations.

His statue at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium was only the beginning. The I.V.A.N. Foundation is the next step. It is our mission to use his story to Inspire a Vision of Advocacy to Nurture ideas that conserve native homelands worldwide - to encourage others to Be IVAN.

Environmental changes lead to an altering of who we are at our core and how we act. We adapt and evolve into our new surroundings. We need to do more than preserve the Western Lowland Gorilla species. We need to preserve it in its natural state.

Through Ivan's Story, we are dedicated to educating succeeding generations about the conservation of the natural habitats of endangered species, especially the western lowland gorilla through grants, scholarships, and a variety of programs.

It’s not enough to increase the population of the Western Lowland Gorilla, or any other endangered species. We must protect their natural habitat and ensure they can thrive within it. What makes these creatures who they are is their behaviors and personalities.

Ivan and a magnolia blossom