Free by Charlie Puth

Via Instagram:

Hi. I heard by chance, Free by Charlie Puth, and loved the song since the beginning! I then read from The One and Only Ivan…I looked for the video and I fell head over heels with Ivan! I am listening to the audiobook and searching, I found you (Earl) and Larry Johnston telling about your amazing bond with Ivan…I must confess I was touched from the very moment through the song. There was a sort of magic and I move whenever I listen to it or hear Ivan’s story. Such an amazing soul!!!

I think my students will love it so much!!! We are studying about animals in our English lessons and Ivan’s story is an extraordinary example of how we should respect and get to know wildlife better to protect it as following the Agenda 2030…so thank you so much!!!!

I also searched your official website and was struck by the statue. I knew about it having watched the Atlanta zoo video telling about him. OMG I cry whenever I look into those eyes as bright as stars.

Thank you for giving Ivan the love and attention he deserved!

by: Maria Teresa Lauria (@mariateresalauria) in Italy

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