Be Ivan – Red Boiling Springs Elementary School

Be Ivan - Red Boiling Springs Elementary School, TN 2023

Heading to Tennessee

For the past few years, Larry and I have hosted a presentation about Ivan’s life for Ms. Januarie Alred’s class at Red Boiling Springs Elementary School (Go Bulldogs) in TN via Zoom. 

This year, thanks Ms Alred’s and the generosity of the Macon County Arts Council, who sponsored the cost of our transportation, we were able to fly to Tennessee and speak directly with her students.

What was to be only a few students in one class quickly grew to 250, then 500 and finally 900 second, third, fourth, and fifth graders from every elementary school in Macon County.


This was such an amazing experience.

Ivan’s life had a direct impact on mine, his influence helped to shape everything that makes me, me and I like the person that I have become from what he gave me. I chose long ago to Be Ivan along my journey and I hope that everyone that finds inspiration and friendship through his story will go forth to change the world in his name.

Being able to witness, in person, how Ivan’s life continues to inspire the hearts and minds of children everywhere just as he did with me so long ago was incredible.  

It is important to share the lessons learned from his legacy to succeeding generations in hopes that one day they will all grow up to not only respect the other species with share this world with, but to ensure that they can thrive in their native homelands as well. 

Thank you to everyone in Macon County, TN that helped to make this event happen and a special thanks to The One and Only Ms. Januarie Alred. Welcome to our Ivan family. 


Ivan lives on in all of us… Be Ivan


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